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Time and attendance made EASY!  You’re surviving in this economy. That means that there’s no low-hanging fruit to make you more profitable. So small daily improvements today are the key to staggering long-term results.  One such change is the way you handle your internal payroll processing before you send it to your payroll company.

Fulminology’s Mobile Time Card App will reduce your payroll costs by 2-8% (  We will gladly explore this option with you.

I can have a Private App outside the App Stores?


Yes. Many companies prefer Private Apps to go from manual to mobile.

Office paperwork can be processed faster, with less errors and remain confidential.

Are you still handling paper?

Many offices have improved customer service by processing orders with an app. Your current office forms can be made in to Fulminology App Order Forms. The order is automatically received, processed and entered into your operating system. If you don’t have an operating system, it’s possible that we can create an app workflow for you.

Are you still manually figuring out how many hours each employee works? Or, are you manually uploading the hours to your payroll service? Time and Attendance can be automatic with a Fulminology Mobile Timecard App.

Do you feel like a mind reader trying to understand hand written AIA Schedule of Value forms? You won’t have to wear your magic wizard hat with a Fulminology Private App.

Would you like to reduce your printing expenses? Your Fulminology Private App will pay for itself and save you money compared to print expenses. No more reorders or shipping expenses.

You know that spreadsheet that everyone uses to calculate that thing specific to your company? Well that can be in your Fulminology Private App also. Your app will do the calculations correct every time.

Fulminology is a real word that means the science of lightning, or in other words the science of electronic distribution. Our Fulminologists would gladly meet with you to discuss your specific needs. No risk, no obligation.

Dept of Labor Alert!

Currently your salaried employees have to make at least $23,660.00 to be salary. It’s most likely that early 2016, the salary limit will be raised to $50,440.00. So unless you plan on giving out raises, you will need to start to track time and attendance for more of your employees.

You’re not alone. 4.2 million employees are expected to be affected by this labor law change.

An easy solution to track time and attendance is the Fulminology LLC Mobile Timecard App.

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Apps and Trees?

When your business uses less paper, it means cutting down fewer trees – which is a breath of fresh air for everyone!  Fulminology LLC Apps and Web Forms are transforming the way the world does business.

You can streamline your company’s workflow with paperless forms so you can work more efficiently. Stop the presses and start distributing your content electronically!  Also, you can use less paper – reducing your print, postage, and mailing costs – and reach your customers where they are – on their phones! This helps you, your customers, and the planet breathe easier!

Fulminology LLC – Helping the World Breathe Easier.

Fulminology LLC - Helping the World Breathe Easier


Are newspapers in the paper business, or the news business?newsie

Why do newspapers limit themselves to paper distribution? This is bad for the readers and the advertiser. We are a mobile generation that reads our news on tablets and cell phones. If the news was available, and easily read, in an App on a mobile device, more people would read it. More distribution numbers, and more value to advertisers. Additionally, the ads would be worth more because of links and banner advertising.

Many local newspapers survive on the ads that they sell each week. On paper, advertising can only generate a limited amount of dollars because the paper only reaches a limited amount of people. It is very difficult to operate a newspaper with limited income, to cover all the overhead, and still support talented writers who produce content worth reading.

Survival of the local newspaper depends on increasing readership so that they can raise advertising income. Readership can’t be increased because of limited newspaper distribution. You can’t print more paper if you don’t have more advertising income. You can’t have more advertising income unless you print more paper.


The worst 6 words to any business:
“We’ve always done it that way.”

Newspaper used to be the only option to distribute news. But today we live in a mobile culture. Yes there are those who still like the feel of paper and the habit of the morning paper and a cup of coffee. But if they were the majority, newspapers would not be threatened today. So, the majority are mobile. Mobile Apps offer unlimited distribution, more engaging advertising, news updates between publications, and an edition library with a longer use life.

Advertisers will be able to justify their ad expenses because now their ads will be seen by more people, and include a link to their website or email. Readers will have immediate access to respond to ads. Additional ad space is also available with banner advertising that is not obnoxious.

ROI: An App costs less than, and takes less time than updating a responsive website. And the cost of a single banner ad would pay the cost of that App edition. Not all Apps have the same functionality to be able to offer this. Some Apps are audio, some are cost prohibitive custom apps, and some are websites disguised as an App. Newspapers want an App that has electronic Publishing functionality.

Newspapers are in the news business, supported by advertisers. The sooner they transition out of the paper business, the better.

About the author: 
Joe Farage is the Owner of Fulminology LLC. Joe has been in the content business for over 38 years. First as the owner of Buffalo Printing Co., designing, printing, mailing, and storing it. Now as the owner of Fulminology LLC, he provides Electronic Publishing Apps for exponential marketing. Fulminology LLC makes it quick and easy with a no risk guarantee.

Mobile Timecard App

Time is precious

Time is precious. Therefore, I’ve used bullet points to summarize the time and money ROI of for your Mobile Timecard App.


  • How much money are you losing because mobile employees start late and leave early?
  • How much additional money are you spending trying to verify hours worked?
  • How much time is wasted trying to read and reconcile handwritten timecards?
  • Are your timecards recordable in case of a Dept. of Labor audit?
  • How happy are you with your timecard process?


  • Employee or Client phone is now a time clock by downloading your Mobile Timecard App.
  • Your App and brand is now a constant reminder in sight, in mind, in hand, on cell.
  • Signature verification of Supervisor adds accountability and lessens verification process.
  • Immediate results are emailed in a continuous spreadsheet. This allows for quick and easy sorting by employee, project, location, or date.
  • Spreadsheets are readable and easily saved for quick recall of recordkeeping.
  • App is customized to your specific process and ready to use in 4 weeks.
  • Cost: $46/week, monthly fixed budget expense of $200/mo.
  • No risk guarantee: if you’re not happy after 10 months, you can stop payments.

Fulminology LLC Apps have many benefits to offer. This is just one example of the value that you can receive from talking with one of our Fulminologists today. Call 716-863-5575 to talk with Joe or James to make your office less stressful and hAPPy. You may also email or