Mobile Time Card Apps by Fulminology LLC

Time and attendance made EASY!  You’re surviving in this economy. That means that there’s no low-hanging fruit to make you more profitable. So small daily improvements today are the key to staggering long-term results.  One such change is the way you handle your internal payroll processing before you send it to your payroll company.

Fulminology’s Mobile Time Card App will reduce your payroll costs by 2-8% (  We will gladly explore this option with you.

Dept of Labor Alert!

Currently your salaried employees have to make at least $23,660.00 to be salary. It’s most likely that early 2016, the salary limit will be raised to $50,440.00. So unless you plan on giving out raises, you will need to start to track time and attendance for more of your employees.

You’re not alone. 4.2 million employees are expected to be affected by this labor law change.

An easy solution to track time and attendance is the Fulminology LLC Mobile Timecard App.

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