What Would My Company Do With An App?

You will be found where people are looking – on their phones.

Look at your phone, what do you see? Apps. Everyone looks at their phones. Are they seeing yours, or your competitions? Apps are the new website.

This is a common question; you are not alone. Apps aren’t for just games and big box brands, they are for you, too. If you had an App:

  • You would be found. You have to have an App to be found in the App Store where the majority of people are now looking
  • You can post How-To videos and product demos, also testimonials and presentations
  • You can post location maps
  • Post forms for more information requests, registrations, applications and your custom forms as well
  • Apps offer valuable exponential marketing compared to expensive print and postage costs. You will save money
  • You can replace your print expenses by publishing your Annual Reports, newsletters, HR and training manuals, and catalogs, and each would be easily keyword searchable
  • Your App content can be shared across all social media, or email and tweet it easily. Your message will be read even if not from your App

For all the same reasons that you have a website, you need an App today!grandma_phone


What Does Your Website Do For You?

Google vs App Store sm

Every business needs a website. Why? What does it do for you?

Your website may perform some specific functionality for your business, but overall websites help you to be found. This remains true today, but the majority of our mobile culture has started to look elsewhere. This is evidenced by the fact that there are over 1 billion websites, but 75% are inactive. Also, there are only 4 average users per website.  – internetlivestats.com

What changed? People are consuming information another way. Today if you want to be found by the majority, you must feed their APPetite. Our mobile culture is searching with mobile tools. They are finding their information in the App Stores. 10 new apps are downloaded and used regularly per month. – Localytics

There is a better way. Is your mobile presence APPealing?

No worries. Apps are high tech, not high priced.

About the author: Joe Farage is the Owner of Fulminology LLC. Joe has been in the content business for over 38 years. First as the owner of Buffalo Printing Co.; they designed it, printed it, mailed it and stored it. Now as an App developer, Fulminology LLC provides the mobile tools for exponential marketing and functionality, so that businesses can profit by being found. Fulminology LLC makes it easy, quick, and there’s no risk.

Apps by the Numbers ($)

How much do you think an App costs?

You will be surprised to know that a fully functional App, in all the App Stores, that automatically formats to all devices and screen sizes, both for Apple and Android, with video, links, maps and response forms is only $200 per month. There is no large 1x setup fee or maintenance costs.

Now take the cost of your $200 App and divide it by the number of people that will see you. Better yet, let’s double it to prove a point and say that your app costs $400 per month. If only 1,000 people see it, your cost was .40 each. You can’t even buy a stamp for less than that!

Will 1,000 people see you in your App? Yes. Why? Your App content is sharable so you can post it easily in your App, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email it. Now you have exponential marketing! Your single post now potentially becomes many 1,000’s. Now your ROI is pennies per person.

If you thought Apps cost a lot more than that, you are not alone. Many people think that because Apps are high tech, they are high cost. It just isn’t so. The only reason that the cost per month would increase is if you add a lot of content to your App.

Could you pay a lot more for your App? Yes. You could hire a programmer to literally recreate the wheel and write code for a minimum of 8 months and pay $20K-$50K. You could also hire a web designer to create a web based App where the only place to download it is from a website. That will cost you dearly because few people will find it. Tech Times as reported by CNN states that today more people are searching the App Stores than Google.

Apps are high tech, not high cost.