4 Specific Reasons Why An App Will Benefit Your Company

Four Reasons Joe

These reasons are specific to having an App. Websites do not offer the same benefits. These reasons are also what differentiates an App from a website – they are not the same.

Responsive websites are misleading imitations of a real App. The key to a real App is that people find it in the App stores. Stats prove that the App Stores are the new Google. The majority of people (56% ComScore) search the App store over Google and that percentage is increasing now that it has hit critical mass. Responsive websites are automatic fails because they are not in the App stores where over 56% of people are searching.

  • Apps provide constant access even where there is no internet. We live in a mobile culture where people expect information right now.
  • Apps post where people are looking – in the App stores and because the content is shareable, also in LinkedIn, Facebook, email, and Twitter.
  • Apps make exponential marketing very easy because mobile App content is developed to be shared by your friends and customer fans.
  • Apps, specifically an Apple App are regulated, so if you have an App you have integrity.

In addition to all the reasons that you have a website, for all the more reasons you should have an App. Before anyone can buy anything from you, they have to find you first. Apps are the answer.

Joe Farage
Fulminology LLC President

Are all Apps created equal?

No. There are many “APPosters” offering what sounds good, but with technology you find out when it’s too late.


So how can you avoid buyer’s remorse? What are the decisive factors? For the sake of time, use this list:

• Your app should be able to be created, tested and found in the App Stores in no more than 4 weeks.

• Confirm that your app will be available in the App Stores where people are looking, and not from a website where fewer people are searching. Stats confirm that Apps are the new Google search for the majority of people now.

• Is the app a self-serve model that keeps you from doing what you do best? Avoid this at all costs. You are too valuable doing your job without the constant distraction of maintaining your app for months and months to come. Let the experts build your App so that you can be the best at what you do.

• You should be able to pay for your app in easy fixed monthly payments without large installment fees.

• The app should work on every mobile device: Apple, Android, tablets, and mobile phones.

• When your video is completed, you should remain in your app so that you don’t lose your reader’s attention to a 3rd party video hosting site.

• You should be able to promote your brand by sharing your App content on all social media platforms, and by emailing and texting.

• Only choose an app that gives you the flexibility to use video/audio and electronically published documents for reading. Your documents should enlarge and format automatically to all screen sizes.

• You should be able to allow people to submit your custom forms for registrations, applications, inquiries, etc.

• You should also be able to post location maps.

• Analytic reports should be provided to you so that you can track your success and justify the expense.

• The people developing your app should be available when you call for quick response.

• Upgrades and maintenance should not be time-consuming and expensive. The only thing that remains constant is change. Your needs today will be different tomorrow.