What Does Your Website Do For You?

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Every business needs a website. Why? What does it do for you?

Your website may perform some specific functionality for your business, but overall websites help you to be found. This remains true today, but the majority of our mobile culture has started to look elsewhere. This is evidenced by the fact that there are over 1 billion websites, but 75% are inactive. Also, there are only 4 average users per website.  – internetlivestats.com

What changed? People are consuming information another way. Today if you want to be found by the majority, you must feed their APPetite. Our mobile culture is searching with mobile tools. They are finding their information in the App Stores. 10 new apps are downloaded and used regularly per month. – Localytics

There is a better way. Is your mobile presence APPealing?

No worries. Apps are high tech, not high priced.

About the author: Joe Farage is the Owner of Fulminology LLC. Joe has been in the content business for over 38 years. First as the owner of Buffalo Printing Co.; they designed it, printed it, mailed it and stored it. Now as an App developer, Fulminology LLC provides the mobile tools for exponential marketing and functionality, so that businesses can profit by being found. Fulminology LLC makes it easy, quick, and there’s no risk.


4 Specific Reasons Why An App Will Benefit Your Company

Four Reasons Joe

These reasons are specific to having an App. Websites do not offer the same benefits. These reasons are also what differentiates an App from a website – they are not the same.

Responsive websites are misleading imitations of a real App. The key to a real App is that people find it in the App stores. Stats prove that the App Stores are the new Google. The majority of people (56% ComScore) search the App store over Google and that percentage is increasing now that it has hit critical mass. Responsive websites are automatic fails because they are not in the App stores where over 56% of people are searching.

  • Apps provide constant access even where there is no internet. We live in a mobile culture where people expect information right now.
  • Apps post where people are looking – in the App stores and because the content is shareable, also in LinkedIn, Facebook, email, and Twitter.
  • Apps make exponential marketing very easy because mobile App content is developed to be shared by your friends and customer fans.
  • Apps, specifically an Apple App are regulated, so if you have an App you have integrity.

In addition to all the reasons that you have a website, for all the more reasons you should have an App. Before anyone can buy anything from you, they have to find you first. Apps are the answer.

Joe Farage
Fulminology LLC President