Mobile Timecard App

Time is precious

Time is precious. Therefore, I’ve used bullet points to summarize the time and money ROI of for your Mobile Timecard App.


  • How much money are you losing because mobile employees start late and leave early?
  • How much additional money are you spending trying to verify hours worked?
  • How much time is wasted trying to read and reconcile handwritten timecards?
  • Are your timecards recordable in case of a Dept. of Labor audit?
  • How happy are you with your timecard process?


  • Employee or Client phone is now a time clock by downloading your Mobile Timecard App.
  • Your App and brand is now a constant reminder in sight, in mind, in hand, on cell.
  • Signature verification of Supervisor adds accountability and lessens verification process.
  • Immediate results are emailed in a continuous spreadsheet. This allows for quick and easy sorting by employee, project, location, or date.
  • Spreadsheets are readable and easily saved for quick recall of recordkeeping.
  • App is customized to your specific process and ready to use in 4 weeks.
  • Cost: $46/week, monthly fixed budget expense of $200/mo.
  • No risk guarantee: if you’re not happy after 10 months, you can stop payments.

Fulminology LLC Apps have many benefits to offer. This is just one example of the value that you can receive from talking with one of our Fulminologists today. Call 716-863-5575 to talk with Joe or James to make your office less stressful and hAPPy. You may also email or


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